Wedding at the Manoir de Tourville

The richness of the Lyon region

For a wedding, the setting always represents an important element. From this point of view, the Lyon region has no shortage of assets! Indeed, it is full of landscapes varying between lush countryside, vineyards and mountains. You will also discover many rivers and lakes. With this wide range of choices, you will find the ideal backdrop for your ceremony.

Another advantage of the region will solidify your decision to have your wedding here. The region has an amazing reputation for its gastronomy and its wines. Come and savor a charcuterie board or try the famous pike dumplings, complemented with a delicious wine from Beaujolais. The quality of the meal is a guarantee of success for your wedding ceremony!

In addition to the beauty of the region and the delectable meal options, the Lyon region is particularly well served by various modes of transportation. It is indeed crossed by many national roads and highways. You can also get there by train or even by plane.

The ideal setting offered by the Tourville manor

Located in lush greenery, in the heart of the Lyonnais mountains, about 40 minutes from Lyon and Saint-Etienne, the Tourville manor can accommodate your wedding ceremony. It has a large reception area that can accommodate up to 300 guests, including a 10,000 square meter terrace, ideal for cocktails or wine, all surrounded by more than 30 hectares of fully privatized meadows and woods.

Managers of the Tourville manor are also able to offer you various services such as the organization of the banquet, the setting up of the decorations or the creation of the sound environment. Accommodation possibilities also exist on the site. However, they are limited to only fifteen people. If additional beds are needed, other solutions are located in the immediate vicinity of the manor and some are even accessible on foot.

The course of this unforgettable day

The day had started off slowly with the groom’s preparations, an opportunity for him to spread the nerves to his relatives. For her part, the bride took the time necessary to highlight her dress, her hairstyle and her makeup. All this obviously took place under the watchful and benevolent gaze of her bridesmaids. Despite the pressure linked to the importance of this moment, smiles remained.

Once the bride and groom were ready and the guests gathered in the park, the ceremony could really begin. The bride and groom had chosen a secular celebration, all were lulled by the musical atmosphere created by the group. The emotion was at its height, especially for the father of the groom, so proud to be able to lead his daughter to her future husband. The bridesmaids also lent their assistance with their most beautiful smiles. But the greatest moment for all will undoubtedly remain the exchange of alliances. What unforgettable emotions and memories for the happy guests!

Once the wedding is sealed, let’s continue the program with the traditional photo session! Forget about the frozen poses and highlight the actors in the ceremonies (witnesses, bridesmaids in particular). Obviously, it is impossible not to take a series of photos exclusively dedicated only to the newlyweds.

Make way for a party now and dinner! Follow the newlyweds’ invitation to discover the delicious dishes and build up strength for the rest of the night. Soon after, admire the couple’s first dance steps. This will be the signal for everyone to set the track on fire until the early hours and prolong the magic of this unforgettable day.