Whether you are planning your wedding or simply want to celebrate your relationship with your partner, photos are the perfect way to commemorate your love. Every snapshot will immortalize the spark you show together now, and every photo will capture a memory that will last a lifetime.


My name is Maxime, and I have been a wedding photographer since 2014. I specialize in photography of the human. What I love most in my job is meeting you, understanding your story and getting to kow your favorite things and desires.

I have traveled a lot, observed fabulous monuments and photographed sumptuous landscapes, but for me, nothing beats the warmth and richness of human encounters. We’re all different. Our experiences and sensitivities make us unique. Immortalizing the fragile moments, stolen glances and tender and discreet gestures that express who you are is what drives my work as a wedding photographer.

Nothing beats the warmth and richness of human encounters

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