Mont Saint-Michel Couple session

When it appears in the middle of the bay, Mont-Saint-Michel attracts all eyes as its silhouette imposes itself in the landscape. Very famous all over the world, the so-called “Wonder of the West” is a jewel in its case. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is an integral part of the history of France.

It is in this unique place, full of stories and which invites you to travel and escape that I accompanied Jade and Nicolas for a couple photo shoot.
There are a thousand and one ways to discover Mont-Saint-Michel: on foot, by bike, by motorbike or even better thanks to a photo shoot. We have, in the most pleasant way, strolled in the village, near the ramparts and in the bay to take advantage of the most beautiful spots that this place had to offer us.

At Mont-Saint-Michel, the sun’s rays play with the clouds to be reflected in the bay. Throughout the photo session, we were able to take advantage of the constantly changing light, which adds a special charm to each photograph.
I had a great time with this sublime and adorable couple. The session was absolutely perfect. Everything was in place for this shoot to be a success: a radiant young couple, ideal weather, a magical maritime environment and, luckily, no feet caught in quicksand.

When we found ourselves alone in the middle of the bay, we were able to enjoy the place in its entirety and take the time to admire the beauty of the landscape all around us. We savored the present moment by sharing a drink and toasting this beautiful day. If I had to sum up this couple photo session, I would say that it was extraordinary and timeless!

The other star of the shoot is this magnificent Ford Mustang 302 racing. Well integrated into the landscape, I had a lot of fun photographing it. She elegantly adjusted to the shots for my greatest happiness.

Do you also want to do a photo shoot in an atypical place? Do not hesitate to contact me and let’s make your project a reality together.

Organisation : Mélanie COTTIN – D DAY normandie 
Flowers : Lilas Bohème 
Dress : Daalarna
Couple : Jade et Nicolas