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There is little doubt that professional photography is always unique and unarguably of the highest quality. On your wedding day, one of the happiest and most important days of your lives, you will want the magical moments to be recorded naturally, beautifully and uniquely.

As your professional photographer, I will capture with expertise the perfection of this wondrous day shared with your family and friends by providing you beautiful souvenirs of your day, while also creating something unique and magnificent that can last a lifetime.

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The wedding packages :

séance couple en fin de journée

01. Wedding - Full day and welcome dinner

+ Up to 10 hours of coverage to cover your entire wedding and the welcome dinner the day before

+ At least 600 HD quality, carefully retouched photos.

+ SlideShow included.

+ Pictures with drone.

+ Prints included.

+ All fees included (Car/Hôtel)

+ Full refund of the deposit if you have to cancel or reschedule your wedding

séance de couple en indre et loire

02. Wedding - Full day

+ Up to 8 hours of coverage to cover your entire wedding.

+ At least 400 HD quality, carefully retouched photos.

+ Prints included.

+ All fees included (Car/Hôtel)

+ Full refund of the deposit if you have to cancel or reschedule your wedding

Methods, Procedures and Implementation

Our Respect for Commitments and Achievement

Experience and Philosophy

Taking our commitment to being responsible for the recording of your wedding day and its precious moments, the equipment we will use for your wedding day is organized to produce duplicates of everything (cameras, lenses, batteries, flashbulbs and memory cards). With this duplication, the wedding couple can rest assured that no photographs can be lost. These precious recordings of their wedding day will be delivered quickly in only two to three weeks after the ceremony, and the recordings are saved for one year in case of any complications or if the couple desires more reproduction.

It is essential to me that your photographs appear natural and representative of your personalities. For this reason, as your photographer, I will speak to you as little as possible on the day of your wedding so that you can relax and be yourselves. Later, you can truly enjoy your reception without interruption. When the photos of you as the wedding couple are to be taken, I strive to create an atmosphere of confidence in me so that you will be at ease as bride and groom, and as the photographer, I can capture your natural expressions. In this effort, I also will not position you in awkward poses or any other pose that is not characteristic of you. By doing so, the wedding photos will not make you appear artificial and posed. Instead, they will be authentic; that is, they will reflect your real personality and genuine feelings. In the years to come, these photos that have captured your real emotions will evoke the memory of many moments of this very significant and precious day in your lives. Thus, they will help you to relive the beauty of your wedding and re-experience the joy and love you shared at this wonderful time of great happiness in your life, a time like no other.

In my effort to meet all your expectations and make your wedding day a beautiful, stress-free and memorable day, I will provide you with a questionnaire so that we better understand your desires. We will have a session in which we discuss and review all your expectations and needs for your special day. There is also a clear guide provided to you that lays out all the costs of our services, including transportation. This guide assures that no hidden charges or fees about which you were not advised will be added later. It also outlines how the photographer will proceed during the wedding and the reception.

The married couple can select many wedding photography packages. To obtain an overview of their wedding ceremony and reception and to re-experience the lovely moments of this very special day, the couple can view all the photos that have been taken on a web gallery.

These photos can also be shared with the wedding party and guests very easily via an internet link so that they, too, can relive the happy moments among loved ones. Also, these high-resolution images can be downloaded directly by way of the photo gallery.