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As a couple, your energy, desires and story are special. Capturing what makes you unique in photos is magical, and there’s no better time to celebrate that than a wedding or couples photoshoot.

I am a self confessed romantic and knowing how special love and marriage is, it is no wonder that I decided to become a wedding photographer. I use a modern approach that features couples in natural situations as well as more formal poses to ensure that each photo brings out the best in everyone’s personality. A wedding is a romantic occasion, so I capture my subjects displaying true tenderness and emotions that only a marriage can bring about. Because of my passion for obtaining the best representation of a couple’s special day, I take many informal photos of teary eyes, shy looks and warm embraces, most of which are spontaneous and would normally not be captured. I pride myself in being discreet and unobtrusive, but my camera is always ready to shoot that special moment.


My name is Maxime, and I have been a wedding photographer since 2014. I specialize in photography of the human. What I love most in my job is meeting you, understanding your story and getting to kow your favorite things and desires.


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As your professional photographer, I will capture with expertise the perfection of this wondrous day shared with your family and friends by providing you beautiful souvenirs of your day, while also creating something unique and magnificent that can last a lifetime.



An instant together

Even though camera phone picture quality has improved throughout the years, the work of a professional photographer will always be at a different caliber. The quality of the images taken from your phone will never come close to the art made from a photographer. 90% of couples these days state they have never gotten a professional photo session done together, and if you and you’re a partner are among that statistic, don’t hesitate any longer. Whether there is a particular reason or not, in life, it is necessary to capture and preserve all the beautiful memories.

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I recommend Maxime, who is an excellent photographer. He is a very great professional, who has made beautiful pictures for our wedding.

A beautiful day immortalized thanks to the sublime pictures of Maxime. the photos are superb the photographer is great than ask for more. Maxime was very kind, listening to us, very friendly. The best photographer for your wedding

Claire and Pierre

Camille and Edouard

Maxime was able to capture the theme of our natural wedding, simple, bohemian highlighting the chic and elegance of his photos. The pictures of couples are wonderful and perceive the complicity we had at that time. Few photos asked but many moments stolen at the corner of a look or a smile.

Emilie et Christophe

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