Whether you are planning your wedding or simply want to celebrate your relationship with your partner, photos are the perfect way to commemorate your love. Every snapshot will immortalize the spark you show together now, and every photo will capture a memory that will last a lifetime.


To be always carried by the rhythm of Reggae, Zouk, Salsa. Ah, Salsa! The feverish body-to-body of a dance class, the meeting place with the one who will share my life. I do not know yet.

Movement as a lifestyle. The desire to discover everything. I remember a walk that I do on the Great Wall, a Superclásico football match in the middle of the Argentinian crowd, the Himalayan slopes that I descend in rafting. Discover everything. Memories, again, of swimming underwater with sharks in the waters of Hawaii or of a straight flush of victory that I balance on the carpet of a casino, in Vegas. The city of our engagement. From our union will be born our daughter, Marion.

And then come back. Tighten the circle, refocus geography. Prefer rum to beer and green tea to coffee. I keep moving, always. But my eyes as a photographer are also opened to the beauty of our landscapes, our estates, our castles, our churches. From our town halls, too, where saying yes is a party.

Nothing beats the warmth and richness of human encounters

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