A Charming Wedding in Salon de Provence

In Salon de Provence, a small town located in the south of France, there was a magnificent intimate wedding. I was there to capture every special moment as a provence wedding photographer.

It was a wonderful wedding with picturesque Provencal landscapes in the background. The couple was radiant and dazzling in their wedding attire. The bride wore a beautiful dress and the groom was elegant in his suit. They were the embodiment of happiness and love.

The entire day was filled with joyful moments and emotions. I captured the laughter, smiles, tears of joy, and exchanges of love between the bride and groom. Each photo told a story and captured the very essence of this special day.

It is important for me to understand the style and preferences of the couple, in order to reflect that in my photographs. Every couple is different, and I want to make sure to capture their personality and happiness through my shots.

The abbaye de sainte croix a wonderful Place to Get Married

The Sainte-Croix Abbey, built in the 12th century, is a jewel of medieval architecture. With its walls aged by time and its lavender-scented gardens, it tells the fascinating story of Provence. The beauty of its vaults, its corridors echoing the chants of monks from yesteryear, and its silent cloisters offer a romantic and timeless setting. Every corner breathes history, promising a unique and memorable wedding celebration.

Customized Ceremonies in an Idyllic Setting

Whether it’s for an intimate ceremony in the chapel or a grand banquet in the gardens, the Sainte-Croix Abbey caters to all visions. The chapel, with its colorful stained-glass windows casting fairy-tale lights, creates an intimate and sacred atmosphere. Outside, the gardens offer a panoramic view of the Provençal countryside, a stunning natural setting for an outdoor wedding. Each space is adaptable to fit the desires of the soon-to-be-married couple, ensuring a day that perfectly reflects their love story.

Tailored Service for an Unforgettable Day

The Sainte-Croix Abbey is not just an exceptional place; it also has a team of dedicated professionals. From the caterer to the florists, and the musicians, every detail is thoughtfully planned to harmonize with the theme chosen by the marrying couple. The on-site team works closely with couples to ensure that every aspect of their special day meets their expectations. Guests can also enjoy a stay in the abbey’s rooms, combining modern comfort with old-world charm.

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Venue : L’abbaye de sainte croix

Wedding Dress : Laure de Sagazan

Floral decoration : Aime ma fleur