We’re not used to having our photos taken.

This is probably the phrase I hear most frequently. Often it is on your wedding day that you will have your photo taken for the first time by a professional. You have apprehensions and that’s normal. However, I have done over a hundred weddings and I know how to put you at ease and take photos of you looking your best.


Are all the photographs retouched?

Yes, without exception. Each photo is carefully retouched to reveal the best of itself. It is also important to me that each photo fits perfectly into the continuity of the others. The most common edits are: color adjustments, alignment, contrast, black and white conversion and brightness.


What is the delivery time for photos?

On average it takes two weeks and I even offer an option to allow you to have your photos one week after your wedding day.


I want natural photos

You are in the right place. Its my specialty ! To be honest, I would have a hard time doing it any other way. Having the bride and groom pose throughout the day would be much less interesting… I also prefer the look of natural photos. This is where we can appreciate the intimate moments, capture real emotions, express the happiness of being together during this magnificent day.


Are there any hidden fees?

It is essential for me to be transparent and therefore to display prices without any hidden costs. Prices are inclusive of tax, and there are no travel or accommodation costs. The only thing extra is the evening meal on the day of the wedding – if I am present during the evening.


Are you moving around?

I travel mainly in the South-Eastern quarter of France, Corsica, Switzerland and Paris. However, I can do weddings elsewhere when the opportunity arises.


I want a discreet photographer

Your wedding day is not a photo shoot. I am not the photographer who will come to you every five minutes. I will let you enjoy your day to the fullest. This also corresponds to my style of photography because by making myself forget I manage to obtain natural photos of you and your loved ones.


Do you do video?

Like almost all photographers, I only do photography. For the video part you have to call on a videographer who will come and take the videos. Beyond the fact that this requires different equipment and expertise, it is not possible to simultaneously take a video and a photo of a moment. Unless you place a device on a tripod, in a corner, but the result will not live up to your expectations.


How are my photos delivered?

The photos are delivered to an online gallery. This solution is very practical. This gives you access to your photos as soon as they are ready. Simply share a link to make it easy for your family and friends to access. The photos are all in high definition and without a signature on them. Some packages also include an album.