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Whether it’s set against the lavender fields of Provence OR the glamorous backdrop of the French Riviera, each location adds its own unique charm to your story.

I am a self-confessed romantic and knowing how special love and marriage is, it is no wonder that I decided to become a provence wedding photographer. I use a modern approach that features couples in natural situations as well as more formal poses to ensure that each photo brings out the best in everyone’s personality. Whether in the rustic elegance of Provence or the chic sophistication of the French Riviera, my goal is to capture your love story in its most authentic form.

My photography takes me across beautiful landscapes to document candid moments in your special day. Whether your wedding is set in the charming streets of Saint rémy de Provence, against the historic backdrop of Avignon, or amidst the picturesque scenery of the Luberon and the Alpilles, I am there to capture every moment. Moreover, my services extend to the entire French Riviera and the South of France, ensuring that no matter where your love story takes you, I will be there to immortalize it in stunning photographic detail. Your wedding day is a story waiting to be told, and I am here to tell it in the most beautiful way possible.

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Whether it be alongside the serene waves of the sea, amidst the enchanting hues of a lavender field, or within the lush gardens of a magnificent wedding venue in Provence. As a dedicated professional wedding photographer, my expertise lies not only in guiding you to achieve the most flattering portraits but also in capturing the genuine, unscripted moments that make your day uniquely yours.

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Provence, located in the southeastern part of France, is widely recognized for its distinctive landscapes, which have made it a favored destination for various events, including weddings. The region is characterized by its vast lavender fields, which, when in full bloom during the summer months, create a striking sea of purple. These fields, alongside the area’s extensive vineyards, contribute significantly to Provence’s reputation. The vineyards, known for producing some of France’s esteemed wines, offer a scenic view of orderly rows of grapevines stretching across the undulating terrain.

Beyond its natural offerings, Provence is peppered with hilltop villages that add a historical and cultural dimension to the region’s appeal. These villages, often dating back several centuries, sit atop hills and overlook the surrounding Provençal countryside. They are marked by their narrow streets, stone buildings, and historical sites, presenting a window into the region’s past and a slower pace of life that contrasts with urban hustle.

This combination of natural beauty and historical charm makes Provence an attractive setting for weddings, providing a variety of picturesque locations. Couples might choose to have their ceremony against the backdrop of lavender fields, within a vineyard, or in one of the historic villages. The appeal of Provence for such occasions lies not just in its aesthetic qualities but also in the unique atmosphere it offers, blending tradition with natural elegance.

In essence, Provence’s allure is rooted in its blend of natural landscapes and cultural heritage. It offers more than just a romantic setting; it provides a versatile backdrop suitable for a range of events, including weddings. Its popularity among couples is a testament to the region’s ability to offer settings that combine visual appeal with a sense of place and history.

Provence, a region celebrated for its quintessential Mediterranean climate, enjoys an abundance of sunshine throughout the year, making it a premier destination for those in search of mild and pleasant weather. This climate is characterized by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters, creating conditions that are particularly favorable for a wide range of outdoor activities, including spring and summer weddings.

The spring months in Provence are a time of renewal and beauty, as the countryside awakens with vibrant colors and the temperatures begin to rise, offering a perfect setting for outdoor ceremonies. The mild weather during this season allows guests to enjoy the celebrations in comfort, surrounded by the region’s natural splendor, without the extreme heat that can be experienced in other Mediterranean locations during the peak of summer.

As summer approaches, the region basks in longer days filled with sunlight, providing ample opportunities for late evening receptions under the stars. The warm temperatures of summer in Provence are tempered by the gentle breezes that sweep through the valleys and over the hills, ensuring that the warmth remains pleasant rather than overwhelming. This season is ideal for taking full advantage of the picturesque landscapes, whether it’s a vineyard setting, a lavender field in full bloom, or the historic charm of a hilltop village.

Moreover, the Mediterranean climate of Provence is conducive to the cultivation of a variety of flora, adding to the region’s appeal as a wedding destination. The abundance of natural beauty, from the lush vineyards to the fragrant lavender fields and the olive groves, provides a stunning backdrop for any event, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of wedding photos and creating an unforgettable ambiance for the celebrations.

In summary, Provence’s Mediterranean climate, with its ample sunshine and mild temperatures, is not just ideal for spring and summer weddings; it’s a key factor in the region’s allure as a destination that offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, comfortable weather, and picturesque settings. This climate contributes significantly to the region’s reputation as a place where events and celebrations can be held in an environment that is both beautiful and accommodating, ensuring that both hosts and guests have a memorable experience.

French cuisine is renowned globally for its sophistication and variety, and the region of Provence stands out as a treasure trove of unique flavors and culinary traditions that contribute richly to this reputation. Within this picturesque region, the local cuisine is distinguished by its reliance on fresh, high-quality ingredients that are harvested from its fertile lands and bountiful seas. Provence’s gastronomy is a testament to the area’s rich cultural heritage and its Mediterranean climate, which together foster the production of a variety of foods that are as flavorful as they are healthful.

Provence is particularly famous for its exquisite wines, which are a product of the region’s ideal winemaking conditions. The vineyards of Provence benefit from the warm sun and the rich, varied soils, producing wines that are celebrated for their depth of flavor and character. These wines, ranging from robust reds to refreshing rosés, perfectly complement the regional cuisine and are a staple at any table.

Another cornerstone of Provençal cuisine is olive oil, often referred to as liquid gold due to its quality and the central role it plays in both cooking and as a finishing touch to dishes. The olive trees that dot the landscape are a symbol of the region and produce oils that vary in flavor, from delicate and fruity to robust and peppery, adding a distinctive taste to Provençal dishes.

Fresh seafood is also a vital component of the local cuisine, thanks to Provence’s extensive coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. Markets teem with a variety of seafood, including fish, shellfish, and crustaceans, which are used to create dishes that are light yet flavorful, often enhanced with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a sprinkle of herbs.

Speaking of herbs, the famous “herbes de Provence” is a blend that typically includes rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram, and savory. This aromatic mix captures the essence of Provence and is used to season a wide range of dishes, from grilled meats and vegetables to stews and sauces, infusing them with the quintessential flavors of the region.

Catering a wedding in Provence with such gourmet food is indeed a significant allure, offering guests not just a meal but a culinary experience that embodies the essence of French Mediterranean cuisine. The combination of local wines, olive oil, fresh seafood, and herbes de Provence, along with other regional specialties such as ratatouille, bouillabaisse, and tapenade, allows for a dining experience that is both luxurious and deeply rooted in the local culture and traditions. This gastronomic delight not only adds to the charm of a Provençal wedding but also leaves a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to partake in the feast.

Provence, a region synonymous with breathtaking beauty and rustic charm, presents an array of exquisite venues for weddings, each offering its unique ambiance and capacity to cater to a diverse range of preferences and sizes of gatherings. This picturesque region of southeastern France is adorned with a landscape that seamlessly blends rustic elegance with natural beauty, making it an ideal setting for both intimate ceremonies and grand celebrations.

At the heart of Provence’s wedding venue offerings are the rustic farmhouses, known locally as “mas.” These traditional Provençal homes, often nestled among rolling hills, vineyards, or lavender fields, provide a quintessentially charming and intimate setting for weddings. The rustic aesthetics, characterized by old stone walls, exposed wooden beams, and sprawling courtyards, offer a warm and inviting atmosphere that is both simple and profoundly elegant. These farmhouses often feature expansive outdoor spaces, perfect for ceremonies and receptions under the azure skies of Provence, allowing couples and their guests to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of the countryside.

For those seeking a touch of sophistication and historical grandeur, the elegant châteaux of Provence offer unparalleled settings for wedding celebrations. These magnificent estates, with their opulent architecture and sprawling gardens, stand as testaments to the region’s rich history and cultural heritage. Hosting a wedding in one of these châteaux not only provides a stunning backdrop but also allows couples to experience the luxury of French nobility. The meticulously manicured gardens, ornate ballrooms, and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape offer endless possibilities for both outdoor and indoor celebrations, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

In addition to farmhouses and châteaux, Provence is home to a variety of other venues that blend historical charm with modern amenities. This includes quaint country inns, luxurious resorts, and renovated barns, each offering unique features such as vineyard tours, gourmet dining experiences, and spa services. Many of these venues also boast outdoor spaces that capitalize on Provence’s scenic beauty, offering settings that range from cliff-top terraces overlooking the Mediterranean to secluded gardens filled with olive trees and fragrant blooms.

The diversity of venues in Provence means that every couple can find a location that perfectly matches their vision for their special day. Whether it’s the rustic charm of a farmhouse, the historical elegance of a château, or the unique character of a boutique hotel, Provence provides a romantic and unforgettable backdrop for weddings. Coupled with the region’s renowned cuisine, fine wines, and warm, sunny climate, these venues not only promise a beautiful setting for nuptials but also an enchanting experience for couples and their guests, making the celebration truly one of a kind.

Provence, with its serene landscapes and leisurely pace of life, embodies the quintessence of relaxation and tranquility, making it an ideal locale for couples looking to celebrate their union in a setting that naturally fosters a sense of calm and joy. This region of southeastern France is celebrated not only for its picturesque beauty but also for its laid-back lifestyle, deeply rooted in the appreciation of simple pleasures and the cultivation of a harmonious balance between nature and daily life.

The allure of a Provencal wedding lies in the effortless blend of elegance and relaxation that the region offers. Unlike the hustle and bustle typical of urban weddings, a celebration in Provence is infused with the gentle rhythms of the countryside. Here, the passage of time seems to slow, allowing couples and their guests to fully immerse themselves in the joyous occasion without the distractions and stresses often associated with more traditional wedding settings.

This sense of ease is further enhanced by the warm and welcoming nature of the Provençal people. Known for their hospitality, the locals embrace visitors with open arms, adding a layer of warmth and authenticity to the wedding experience. This congenial atmosphere ensures that every aspect of the celebration, from the preparation to the ceremony and reception, is conducted with a personal touch and attention to detail that is both heartwarming and reassuring.

Moreover, the natural setting of Provence, with its rolling vineyards, lush olive groves, and fragrant lavender fields, provides a backdrop that is both breathtaking and soothing. The beauty of the landscape invites a connection with nature that is grounding and rejuvenating, further contributing to the relaxed ambiance. Outdoor ceremonies and receptions held in these settings are not just visually stunning but also imbued with the calm and beauty of the Provençal countryside.

In addition, the culinary offerings of Provence, characterized by fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a focus on leisurely, convivial meals, complement the relaxed vibe of a wedding in the region. The act of dining, whether it’s a formal sit-down dinner or a more casual outdoor feast, becomes an integral part of the celebration, reflecting the regional ethos of savoring each moment and delighting in the company of loved ones.

In essence, Provence offers couples the unique opportunity to celebrate their wedding in an environment that is both idyllic and laid-back. The combination of stunning natural beauty, a relaxed lifestyle, warm hospitality, and exquisite cuisine creates a wedding experience that is not only enjoyable and stress-free for the couple and their guests but also deeply memorable and enriching.

While offering a sense of retreat, Provence is relatively accessible, especially from major European cities. This can be a practical consideration for guests traveling to the wedding.

Couples often choose to combine their wedding with their honeymoon, and Provence, with its romantic scenery, offers plenty of opportunities for a memorable honeymoon.

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A beautiful day immortalized thanks to the sublime pictures of Maxime. the photos are superb the photographer is great than ask for more. Maxime was very kind, listening to us, very friendly. The best photographer for your wedding

CAMILLE & Edouard

I recommend Maxime, who is an excellent photographer. He is a very great professional, who has made beautiful pictures for our wedding.


Maxime was able to capture the theme of our natural wedding, simple, bohemian highlighting the chic and elegance of his photos. The pictures of couples are wonderful and perceive the complicity we had at that time. Few photos asked but many moments stolen at the corner of a look or a smile.

Emilie & Christophe


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