Being a wedding photographer means capturing happy and precious moments in life. No one is alike, each time it’s a different place, atmosphere, style. Wedding nature, chic, princess, at the edge of the water, I had the chance to be able to rub shoulders with people whose tastes vary, and that has always enriched me personally and professionally. As a French Riviera wedding photographer, I measure the chance that I have to practice the job that I love and to be able to walk my lens throughout France. This region, in particular, offers a stunning array of backdrops, from the serene waters of the Mediterranean to the lavish estates dotting the coastline, making every wedding shoot a unique and enchanting experience. The diversity of settings from chic urban landscapes to rustic countryside vignettes across the French Riviera ensures that each wedding story is beautifully distinct, reflecting the personalities and dreams of each couple I have the privilege to work with.

This time, I had the chance to do a photo shoot in, I must say, one of the most beautiful sites I had the chance to cover as a wedding photographer. Head south, in the Var department, heading for the Côte d’Azur in Saint-Raphaël, between sumptuous landscapes and incredible villas. This iconic seaside resort is a dream setting for a wedding. Overflowing with enthusiasm, I was about to experience a great moment in my career.

The getting ready

From the morning, the sun was shining, and when I saw the turquoise blue sea and gigantic palm trees, I had the feeling that the day could only be good! I love my job! I was already happy, but it was nothing compared to my amazement when I discovered the neo-Byzantine basilica all dressed in pink sandstone and the imposing, grandiose and luxurious Colbert Cannet castle which has a richly wooded park.
The day thus started under the best auspices, the softness of the summer, the calm, the landscapes and the air of Provence are excellent bases for a successful celebration and for a memorable shooting.

When I arrived in Saint-Raphaël, I headed for the castle. This is where I started my shots, with the groom and his witnesses who got ready on the spot, in rooms made available. We took the time to take photos of the preparations and also some portraits. All were extremely elegant. I then joined the bride to also immortalize her preparations. For the occasion, she was surrounded by a hairdresser, a make-up artist and a dresser. She was wearing a long white dress. Her pumps, white and silver, her refined jewelry and her sophisticated hairstyle have perfected her princess outfit.

Beautiful portraits of the two newlyweds, in color and in black and white, were produced.

The ceremony

We then left for the basilica to celebrate the religious wedding. The organ sounded within this historic building and, it is all veiled that the bride-to-be entered, gracefully traversing the few meters which still separated her from her fiancé who was waiting for her, in the company of their families and friends. .

My photographer’s eye could not resist the urge to take several photos of the interior of this incredible construction, the heart and the stained glass windows. I also took height for some photos. 35 meters high and spread over 850m2, the basilica is a real playground for photographers! My princess and my prince of the day therefore promised each other support and sharing in this splendid place, a wonderful setting for their love and left, delighted, to the cheers of the guests.

In order to immortalize the key moments of this day, I obviously took several photos outside, in particular during the symbolic kiss of the bride and groom in front of the gate of the basilica, next to the stone columns, thus linking large and small story for eternity.

The reception

Once the religious wedding was celebrated, we returned to the castle for our final destination to enjoy the cocktail and dinner. The green park of the castle was ideal for continuing my shots of the newlyweds, relaxed and smiling, and of all the guests. Here too, I used black and white, which suits this kind of event well.

The meal took place outside where tables and cutlery had been set up with taste; the table decoration was refined, summery, flowery and even fruity. The dishes were delicate, the champagne excellent. Musicians accompanied this evening, which became magical in the glow of the many small lights under the graceful and enveloping shade of giant palm trees.

This wedding allowed me to work in a sumptuous setting and to spend a memorable day. A big thank you to the newlyweds to whom I wish all the happiness possible.

Venue : Chateau Colbert Cannet

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