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Your wedding day is a unique day. As a wedding photographer, all I want is to immortalize your most beautiful memories, from the most aesthetic point of view possible.

To offer you ever more beautiful photos, I like to look at the work of my colleagues, and sometimes draw inspiration from them to offer you original work. I am particularly interested in the work of American photographers, and the beauty of the setting they offer for a photo shoot. They have access to incredible sites, which look incredible. I am thinking in particular of Cracker Lake, in Montana, the cliffs of Aquinnah (Massachusetts), the Waimea Canyon in Hawaii or Lake Tahoe in Nevada, which is a particularly magical place.

It’s a bit frustrating for me! I would so love to be able to offer you such frames… You know what they say: the grass is always greener elsewhere.

But it is out of the question for me that constraints limit my creativity. So I decided to take a closer look at our French landscapes, and, in fact, I found many pearls in which to make a wedding photo shoot truly magical. And yes, in France too, we have gems!

I therefore present to you here a wedding editorial shoot, which took place in a particularly photogenic place. Let’s go together to the south of France, near Béziers, on the red soil of Lake Salagou. From my first research before the shoot, I fell totally in love with this exceptional site. It is an incredible place of incredible beauty. This is therefore the framework for our couple session of the day.

I let you browse these photos and observe how fabulous the site is. The couple’s complicity is important, of course, but Lake Salagou seems to accompany them to create a universe that is both original and very aesthetic. We are a bit on the “Canyon” atmosphere that we can have in the United States.

First of all, the light is amazing. It highlights the complexion and outfit of the bride and groom, and gives a subdued and warm atmosphere. In some photos, the bride seems surrounded by a halo of light, which, with the white dress, gives a very artistic rendering. The red earth and the blue of the lake provide the necessary contrast. On a photo with a particularly wide field, red makes it possible to build a strong universe, where the bride and groom, in white, stand out well.

It was a real pleasure for me to shoot this session at Lac de Salagou, and I hope you like the result. I continue my work of research and experimentation to offer you ever more magical shooting settings. Do not hesitate to discuss with me if you have frame ideas for couples photo shoots for a wedding!

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