A wedding in Orgon provence

What an unforgettable wedding! It was a real waking dream… Let’s start by describing the place where the shoot took place. We carried out the latter during the summer of 2021 in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, within an area located at the foot of a hill in the Alpilles massif. This simply magical place is called “Domaine du Rocher”. Located in Orgon, just a few kilometers from the Luberon, this old building was built in the 18th century. It is an ideal setting for weddings, baptisms, birthdays, communions and other family events. As a provence wedding photographer it’s always a pleasure to enjoy a wedding there.

When I visited it for the first time, I immediately fell in love with this unusual site with its old exposed stones, its large mill, its garden, its swimming pool, its terrace and its vast park strewn with plane trees. However, I have to admit with hindsight: my amazement at this beautiful place was accompanied by a certain amount of pressure. As an artist, and more particularly as a professional photographer, when a place is so aesthetic, you have to know how to do it justice by giving the best of yourself. Everything must be done to highlight each facet of its beauty, from the most obvious to the most subtle…

The American-born bride has integrated certain elements from the traditions of her native country into her marriage. For example, she organized what is called a “bridal party”. Born in the USA, this convivial party takes place just before a wedding. It’s a bit of a bachelorette party that includes the bride-to-be, her bridesmaid(s) and her closest friends. The bride in question also had the idea of having her groomsmen and her own bridesmaids dress the same way. The first wore a white shirt, suspenders, a burgundy bow tie, beige pants, and a nice boater type straw hat. As for the seconds, they were dressed in a magnificent long sleeveless burgundy dress that fell to their ankles.

We had a lot of fun taking different group photos. Some of them were taken only with men, others only with women and others, finally, with all the guests. The atmosphere was excellent and we had a lot of fun during these sessions.

The venue : Le Domaine du rocher

The “Domaine du Rocher” was also the ideal place to organize the secular ceremony of this marriage. As the long-awaited event began, the sun began to gradually disappear behind the rocky escarpment at the foot of which the estate is located. This happy synchronicity gave both a symbolic and romantic touch to the scene. It also allowed the two newlyweds, as well as their guests, to enjoy this beautiful ceremony without suffering from the heat of the summer sun.

When the various preparations and the secular ceremony were completed, we decided to end this sublime day with couple photos of the newlyweds. For her wedding outfit, the bride, Sarah, was dressed in a long strapless satin dress in immaculate white. Her hair styled in a bun was adorned with a beautiful floral headpiece, as well as a sheer veil. As for the groom, he wore a three-piece suit in an old rose color completed by a white shirt and a burgundy bow tie. He dared this pink color and the least we can say is that it suited him perfectly!

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Venue : Le domaine du rocher