Getting married in Switzerland… This is the best way to make your commitment official and eternal. A beautiful way to tell and seal your love. If finding the wedding venue marks the launch of your wedding day… Neuchatel will inspire you through its panoramic settings.

Authentic and romantic settings

If the consecration at the town hall or church forms the heart of a marriage, the photo shoots, captured by your Switzerland wedding photographer, stand as the core of it in our time. These sessions can significantly influence the success of your event, making it crucial to carefully select the locations where you plan to conduct them. It’s advisable to meticulously organize every moment and every spot where you wish to take a photo. This thoughtful planning ensures you can find a space that resonates with the harmony of your relationship, with the expertise of a Switzerland wedding photographer helping to encapsulate the essence of your union beautifully.

Neuchâtel is rich in panoramic frames for romantic and original wedding photos. Exceptional places in which you can achieve a first look, including a photo shoot before the ceremony. A very trendy practice that allows future spouses to familiarize themselves with their wedding photographer and with the lens. This shoot allows you to photograph yourself as lovers freshly made up and dressed.

For beautiful wedding photos, bet on sites that reflect your love and the personality of your couple. Neuchatel is full of unseen corners that you will enjoy exploring with your significant other. Hire a local wedding photographer. Thanks to his knowledge of the city and its surroundings, he will be able to advise and guide you in your preparations, but also put you in touch with other professionals.

A ceremony in any season

A wedding in Switzerland is sublime and promises you an unforgettable experience whatever the season. In general, the wedding seasons are in summer and spring. Event venues in town are very popular during these times. It is therefore important to book well in advance your venue, your caterer, your wedding photographer, your wedding planner.

You can also organize your ceremony in friendly and warm places around or in the heart of Neuchâtel. In spring and summer, the streets of the city are beautiful settings for a wedding photo shoot. These seasons are conducive to photo shoots at the water’s edge, on the stairs of the city… Your wedding photographer can also take your picture, the bouquet in hand, in the aisles.

In Switzerland, organizing your ceremony during the winter season guarantees you a cozy wedding in a chalet at the top of the mountain. Imagine being photographed under the glare of the snow, on frozen lakes… For a touch of romance, organize a moment of relaxation as a couple in a jacuzzi or in a spa during your wedding. At your request, your wedding photographer at Nuchatel will take care of making these moments of intimacy unforgettable.

Various event locations in Neuchatel

Each couple has their preference in terms of marriage. If you are one of those looking for a large space for a big ceremony, Switzerland is the ideal place. Fancy a fun event with family or friends? Its regions provide you with a whole repertoire of authentic places. Located in the heart of Trois lacs and the tourist region of Jura, Neuchatel is on the rise with couples looking for authenticity.

Neuchatel provides lovers with an atypical gastronomic and hotel offer. On site, a range of reception venues awaits you. You can opt for an outdoor wedding. The city offers couples the opportunity to celebrate their union in original chalets. These are ideal if you like to get married in an entirely mountain setting. The region is also full of authentic and romantic event venues.

Spaces that will bend to all your fantasies and whose architecture will add a touch of originality and personalization to your ceremony. For your wedding in Neuchatel, you can bet on historical, warm and green places like the Domaine de Bayerel. This site is perfect if you want to impress or offer your guests an extraordinary ceremony.

Whether you are planning a large reception or a family celebration, the Halle du Marché Concours is the go-to place for couples looking for conviviality. It welcomes you in a very friendly, ultra-trendy setting… Set in the heart of nature in the Franches-Montagnes, this space seduces with the singularity of its architecture.

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