Photo couple place vendôme

Summer is without a doubt my favorite season. The atmosphere there is unparalleled. The sun that showers us with its soft light. The days are longer, brighter, warmer. These are the ideal conditions for taking beautiful photos. And I must be lucky because I know photographers who have difficulty shooting in the city. The city is the environment in which I grew up and it speaks to me. The urban side has always fascinated me.

It’s been a while since we wanted to do a photo shoot with Charline’s companion. And we finally managed to find a slot where we were all three available. We enjoyed walking around and taking pictures here and there. They are adorable and it was a real pleasure to spend this moment with them.

The couple photo session is really one of my favorite things in photography. We have a lot of freedom. I am used during weddings to having to deal with the weather, with the decided schedule and the small slot reserved for couple photos. Often around 20 minutes. For the couple session, it’s different. We are expecting a nice day. We take at least an hour on D-Day, we go to several places. It’s very nice.

Now when I am abroad on vacation I often call on a local photographer to take pictures of my couple or my family. This allows you to have memories quite different from the photos that you will take yourself. And it also allows me to have photos where I am on it and not behind the camera.