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The French Riviera, with its dazzling radiance and breathtaking landscapes, is a gem of France. With renowned cities like Nice and Cannes radiating unparalleled beauty, it truly is a paradise for those seeking luxury and exclusivity. Its golden beaches, breathtaking panoramas, opulence of its palaces, richness of its forests, glowing red roofs of its ancient hilltop villages, and the bright yellow of blooming mimosas combine to create a uniquely charming and delightful wedding destination.

What if you chose to celebrate your wedding here? Celebrate your union on a sunny beach or in a sumptuous palace, surrounded by lush nature and bathed in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. The French Riviera offers not only exceptional ceremony venues but also refined gastronomy that will delight your senses and those of your guests.

This article aims to guide you through the best gastronomic and Michelin-starred restaurants to celebrate your wedding on the French Riviera. We have selected for you places that combine culinary excellence and enchanting settings, to make your wedding reception an unforgettable moment. From innovative cuisine to revisited French classics, these establishments offer an incomparable gastronomic experience, reflecting the region they represent.

Prepare to be dazzled by the diversity and refinement of these exceptional venues, which will make your wedding an unforgettable event.

A Fairy-Tale Wedding at Château Saint Georges

Imagine exchanging your vows in a setting worthy of a romantic novel, where elegance and grandeur blend with history and charm. Welcome to Château Saint Georges, a hidden gem nestled in a lush three-hectare park overlooking the medieval town of Grasse.

An Oasis of Tranquility

Away from the hustle and bustle, Château Saint Georges offers a bubble of serenity and luxury. It’s a haven of peace where time seems to have stopped, allowing the bride and groom and their guests to savor every moment of their special day.

A Dream Setting

The large green space in front of the castle is a living painting. With its romantic “Temple of Camoux,” it’s the ideal place for your wedding ceremony. Imagine walking towards the altar under the azure sky, surrounded by lush nature, with a breathtaking view of Grasse in the background.

An Unforgettable Reception

After the ceremony, your guests can enjoy an outdoor cocktail while admiring the landscape. And when dinner time comes, you have the option of setting up a tent to create a magical setting under the stars. The beauty of the place, combined with French gastronomy and excellent service, ensures a memorable evening.

  • Ceremony Venue: The Temple of Camoux
  • Reception: Green space in front of the castle
  • Capacity: Depends on tent setup

Château Saint Georges is more than a wedding venue. It’s a unique experience where every detail is carefully crafted to make your big day magical. If you dream of an elegant and refined wedding on the French Riviera, this prestigious place is for you.

Chateau Saint Georges website

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Château de Saint Jeannet: A Royal Wedding on the French Riviera

A medieval castle perched on a hill, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the French Riviera. Welcome to Château de Saint Jeannet, a luxurious and unique residence, restored from ruins, where your dream of a royal wedding can become reality.

A Spectacular Setting

Château de Saint Jeannet is more than a wedding venue; it’s an experience in itself. Perched on the hill of Saint Jeannet, this medieval castle offers a stunning view of the French Riviera. From here, you can admire the natural beauty of the region while pronouncing your vows.

A Wedding in a Medieval Fortress

Celebrating your wedding in an authentic medieval fortress is a unique experience. Château de Saint Jeannet has been carefully restored to preserve its historic charm while offering all modern amenities. You and your guests will be transported back in time, adding a touch of magic to your big day.

A Luxurious Reception

After the ceremony, enjoy a cocktail on the castle terrace, with the French Riviera as a backdrop. For dinner, the castle offers luxurious spaces that can be arranged according to your preferences. You can also opt for a dinner under the stars in one of the castle’s gardens.

  • Ceremony Venue: Château de Saint Jeannet
  • Reception: Castle terrace
  • Capacity: On request

Exceptional Service

At Château de Saint Jeannet, every wedding is treated with the utmost care. A dedicated team is at your disposal to ensure everything goes perfectly, from planning to the last details on the big day.

chateau saint jeannet website

Château de la Napoule: A Royal Union on the Golden Sands of the French Riviera

If you dream of a wedding in a seaside castle, look no further than Château de la Napoule. Nestled on the beach of Mandelieu, this unique venue offers stunning views over the Bay of Cannes, while being conveniently close to the department’s main logistical routes.

A Medieval and Dreamy Setting

Château de la Napoule is not just a typical wedding venue on the French Riviera, but a journey back in time. Its medieval and dreamy decor, unique in the region, creates a romantic and enchanting atmosphere for your big day.

An Exceptional Setting

Imagine exchanging your vows on the beach of Mandelieu, with the Bay of Cannes as your backdrop. This unique experience is offered by Château de la Napoule. Its exceptional location on the beach makes it an ideal choice for those looking to combine historical charm with modern luxury.

Easy Access

The location of Château de la Napoule not only offers spectacular views but also easy access. It is ideally situated close to the main logistical routes of the department, making it easy for your guests to arrive and for coordinating your event.

A Memorable Wedding

At Château de la Napoule, each wedding is designed to be a true gem. Whether you choose to celebrate your union in one of the sumptuous halls of the castle or on the beach overlooking the sea, you can be sure that your much-awaited day… will be exceptional!

Chateau de la Napoule website

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Celebrate Love at Château de Crémat, A Neo-Tuscan Jewel on the Heights of Nice

Are you considering getting married on the French Riviera? Château de Crémat might be the idyllic venue you are looking for. This family-owned vineyard estate, in neo-Tuscan style, offers more than just a backdrop for your wedding. It provides a complete experience that blends history, culture, gastronomy, and of course, love.

An Unforgettable Architectural Decor

Château de Crémat is more than just a wedding venue; it’s a true architectural jewel. Its neo-Tuscan style, unique on the French Riviera, offers a romantic and elegant setting for your big day. The new colors of Nice add a touch of modernity while respecting the historical soul of the place.

Breathtaking Views

Château de Crémat is not just beautiful; it also offers unparalleled panoramic views over Nice and its surroundings. Imagine saying “yes” with the city of Nice and the Mediterranean Sea as your backdrop. A dream setting for unforgettable wedding photos.

A Gastronomic Experience

  • Wines of the estate: Enjoy the estate’s wines, produced on-site, to accompany your wedding meal.
  • Local cuisine: Taste refined dishes inspired by local cuisine.
  • High-end catering service: Opt for a high-end catering service to satisfy the most demanding palates.

At Château de Crémat, the gastronomic experience matches the setting. The estate’s wines, produced on-site, are an excellent way to introduce your guests to the flavors of the region. And for the meal, why not opt for refined dishes inspired by local cuisine?

A Tailor-Made Wedding

At Château de Crémat, each wedding is unique. You have the freedom to customize your celebration to match your tastes and desires. Whether you dream of an intimate wedding or a large reception, Château de Crémat can meet your expectations.

Château de Crémat website

Exchange Your Vows at Château Saint Martin, A Provençal Haven Amidst the Vineyards

Nothing says “I love you” like a wedding at Château Saint Martin in Taradeau. Nestled in the heart of a millennium-old vineyard estate, this venue combines Provençal authenticity with timeless elegance. Whether you dream of an outdoor ceremony or a reception in an underground cellar, Château Saint Martin has it all.

An Authentic and Romantic Setting

Château Saint Martin is more than a wedding venue, it’s an experience. Its romantic gardens, the castle terrace, and its underground cellar offer an authentic and romantic setting to celebrate your union. You’ll be charmed by its old stones, century-old olive trees, and panoramic views over the vineyards.

A Millennial Venue

  • History: Château Saint Martin is a millennial site, steeped in Provençal authenticity.
  • Vineyard: The vineyard estate offers a unique setting for your wedding.
  • Underground cellar: Organize your reception in an underground cellar for an unforgettable experience.

Château Saint Martin is not just a wedding venue, it’s also a place rich in history. By choosing to celebrate your wedding here, you are part of a centuries-old tradition of love and celebration.

An Outdoor Celebration

If you dream of an outdoor wedding, Château Saint Martin is the ideal place. Its romantic gardens and the castle terrace offer an idyllic setting for an open-air ceremony. Imagine saying “yes” under the blue sky of Provence, surrounded by your loved ones, with a stunning view of the vineyards.

A Gastronomic Experience

At Château Saint Martin, you can also enjoy an exceptional gastronomic experience. The estate produces its own wine, perfect for accompanying your wedding meal. And for dinner, why not opt for a menu inspired by Provençal cuisine?

In summary, Château Saint Martin offers a unique wedding experience in Provence. Its authentic and romantic setting, its millennial history, and its outdoor celebration options make it an ideal wedding venue. Whether you dream of an intimate wedding or a grand celebration, Château Saint Martin can meet your expectations.

Château de Saint Martin website

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Say ‘I Do’ at Château Diter: A Perfect Blend of Renaissance and Glamour on the French Riviera

The ideal setting… to seal your love in a Renaissance-like venue nestled in the heart of the French Riviera. Château Diter, located in Grasse, offers this possibility. Between Monaco, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez, this place exudes charm and sophistication, making your wedding an unforgettable experience.

A Unique Renaissance-Style Property

Château Diter is a true architectural masterpiece. Its Renaissance-style facade, rare on the French Riviera, adds a touch of elegance and refinement to your wedding. This charming venue provides an idyllic setting to celebrate your union.

A Privileged Location

  • In the heart of the French Riviera: Midway between Monaco, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez, Château Diter enjoys a privileged location.
  • A preserved environment: The château is situated on a green hill, surrounded by trees and terraced gardens.
  • A panoramic view: Enjoy a breathtaking view of the French Riviera from the château.

The location of Château Diter is one of its major assets. Situated in the heart of the French Riviera, it offers exceptional panoramic views of the region. The property is also surrounded by a preserved environment, with terraced gardens and lush vegetation.

A Customized and Fabulous Wedding Celebration

At Château Diter, every wedding is unique. Whether you dream of an intimate ceremony in one of the château’s lounges or a grand reception in the gardens, Château Diter can meet your expectations. Its dedicated team will work with you to personalize every detail of your big day.

An Unforgettable Gastronomic Experience

Château Diter also offers a high-end gastronomic experience. Hire a Michelin-starred chef to create a tailor-made menu, inspired by local cuisine. And to accompany your meal, why not choose from the best wines of the region?

Château Diter website

Be Enchanted by Château de Castellaras: A Wedding in the Heart of Nature and History

Nestled in a green setting on the heights of Cannes stands Château de Castellaras. This medieval residence, located in a private estate, offers an exceptional setting for your wedding. With its 2nd-century chapel and the natural beauty surrounding it, Château de Castellaras is a true haven of peace, ideal for celebrating your union.

A Unique Residence Steeped in History

Château de Castellaras is not just a residence, it’s a place full of history. Its perfectly preserved 2nd-century chapel adds a spiritual and authentic dimension to your wedding. By choosing to celebrate your union here, you are embracing your love in a centuries-old tradition.

An Enchanting Natural Setting

  • A private estate: Château de Castellaras is located in a private estate, ensuring your privacy.
  • Acres of land: Take advantage of the space to organize an outdoor reception.
  • Natural beauty: The charm of the château lies in the simplicity of its structure, contrasting with the stunning natural beauty that surrounds it.

The natural environment of Château de Castellaras is one of its major assets. Situated on the heights of Cannes, it offers an unparalleled view of the region. The acres of land surrounding the château provide the opportunity to organize an outdoor reception, in the heart of nature.

A Ceremony in a Historical Chapel

The 2nd-century chapel at Château de Castellaras adds a unique dimension to your wedding. Imagine exchanging your vows in this historical space, under the watchful eyes of your loved ones. An unforgettable experience that will forever mark your union.

A Wedding Tailored to Your Wishes

At Château de Castellaras, each wedding is unique. You have the freedom to personalize every detail of your celebration, ensuring it truly reflects you. Whether you dream of an intimate reception in the chapel or a large party in the château’s gardens, the team at Château de Castellaras can meet your expectations.

Château de Castellaras website

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Eden Roc: Entice the Stars and Unite in a Luxurious Paradise on the French Riviera

The iconic Eden Roc, located on the splendid Cap d’Antibes peninsula, is more than just a luxury hotel. It’s a haven for celebrities and a prime destination for lavish weddings. With its exceptional setting and Michelin-starred restaurant, it’s the perfect place to join hands with your loved one under the sun of the French Riviera.

An Iconic Venue Frequented by Stars

Eden Roc is more than just a reception venue. It’s a meeting place for stars from around the world:

  • A celebrity refuge: During the Cannes Film Festival, Eden Roc offers a haven of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt have stayed here.
  • A very high-end venue: Eden Roc is known for its luxury and sophistication. It’s the ideal place for a high-end wedding.

A Grandiose and Refined Setting

Steps away from the Mediterranean, Eden Roc offers a grandiose and refined setting for your wedding:

  • A majestic location: Situated on the Cap d’Antibes peninsula, Eden Roc offers an unbeatable view of the sea.
  • A refined environment: The architecture and design of the hotel reflect the glamour and elegance of the French Riviera.

A Michelin-Starred Cuisine

At LouRoc, the Michelin-starred restaurant of Eden Roc, you can savor finely crafted cuisine:

  • A Michelin star: LouRoc is awarded a star by the renowned Michelin Guide.
  • A refined menu: The chef at LouRoc offers innovative and refined cuisine, highlighting local products.

Plan Your Dream Wedding at Eden Roc

Your wedding at Eden Roc will be more than just a ceremony; it will be an event to remember. From the luxurious rooms and suites for your guests to the exceptional services offered, every aspect of your wedding will be handled with meticulous care.

  • Luxurious accommodations: Your guests can enjoy the comfort and elegance of Eden Roc’s rooms and suites, each offering breathtaking views and exceptional amenities.
  • Tailor-made services: The dedicated team at Eden Roc will work closely with you to ensure every detail of your wedding is perfect, from the floral arrangements to the custom menu.

Choosing Eden Roc for your wedding means opting for a venue that combines luxury, exclusivity, and unparalleled beauty. It’s a place where your dream wedding becomes a reality, against the backdrop of the stunning French Riviera.

Eden Roc website

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