What could be more romantic than getting married on a Parisian barge? With an idyllic and meaningful setting, as a photographer, I loved this experience.

Not far from the Seine, the Invalides and the famous Eiffel Tower, the civil wedding started at the town hall of the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The bride, holding her bouquet of pink flowers in her hand and dressed in her sumptuous white dress, appeared on the forecourt of the town hall. Accompanied by her bridesmaids, she joined her future husband who was waiting for her with a smile on her face in her light gray 3-piece suit. I was able to capture the emotion of their reunion by taking a few shots. These photos were the first of a long series to immortalize this special day.

Then, the mayor, Rachida Dati officiated the ceremony in the wedding hall. We were blown away by the elegance of the place. The historical paintings including one by Émile Lévy representing 3 scenes around the wedding delighted the guests. A very beautiful herringbone parquet floor, woodwork, a rich fireplace, a sublime Renaissance-style ceiling and blue velvet seats, markers of the Victorian era, gave the room a crazy charm. Once everyone was settled, it was with shared emotion that the bride and groom said yes.

We then left the room to join the private garden of the town hall. This English garden of about 4,000 m2 allowed me to take some group photos in a slightly more bucolic setting.
Then, we joined the barge named “Paris”, which was waiting for us on the Seine. There, a fabulous cocktail was desired. Flutes of champagne in hand, the boat started, thus marking the beginning of our cruise on the Seine. In joy, we were able to revisit the City of Light by adopting a different angle of view.

With the summer heat, it was very pleasant to sail on the river and enjoy a little almost sea breeze. At nightfall, we went down inside the barge to have lunch and enjoy the evening. In a dark, refined and refined dining room, delicious appetizers were served to us.

Finally, when the sky was very dark and the Eiffel Tower began to illuminate the capital, a sublime piece mounted with macaroons appeared. What a fabulous setting for a photographer. Placed between the cake with twinkling candles and the Iron Tower, the newlyweds posed for my greatest pleasure.

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