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The French Riviera, with its Mediterranean climate, picturesque landscapes, and rich culture, attracts couples from all over the world each year who wish to celebrate their wedding in an idyllic setting. The charm of this French region is also reflected in its cuisine, where Michelin-starred chefs offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience that further elevates the uniqueness of these special occasions. So, what are the best Michelin-starred restaurants to celebrate a wedding on the French Riviera?

From vibrant Marseille to tranquil Menton, passing through the Var hinterland, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and even the glamour of Monaco, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region is full of Michelin-starred restaurants that perfectly combine refined cuisine and romantic atmosphere. These restaurants are much more than places to taste food; they are destinations in themselves, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, magnificent architecture, and luxurious interiors that add a touch of elegance to any celebration.

In this article, we will highlight ten of the best tables in the region, all awarded two or three Michelin stars, guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience.

Prepare to discover an exquisite selection of restaurants that are not just places to eat, but experiences that awaken the senses, celebrate love, and leave unforgettable memories. So, join us on this gastronomic journey through the French Riviera, where luxury, romance, and exceptional cuisine meet.

A Starred Gastronomic Experience at La Table du Castellet

A Sanctuary of Refined French Cuisine

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Var region, the Hotel & Spa du Castellet is much more than just a place to stay. It’s a true sanctuary of refined French cuisine, led by the talented Chef Fabien Ferré. With a prestigious career that includes stints in starred establishments such as the Moulin de Martorey and the famous Troisgros house in Roanne, Ferré has made his mark in the culinary landscape of the South of France.

At La Table du Castellet, Chef Ferré has succeeded in creating a cuisine that expresses his love for seafood and Provençal ingredients. The “Vegetal Expression” menu perfectly illustrates this passion, with dishes such as white asparagus from Mont Ventoux, burnt lemon, rocket, and morel mushrooms stuffed with sea bream and wild garlic. Meanwhile, the “Marine Expression” menu pays homage to the Mediterranean with dishes like red tuna, aloe vera, celery branch, and puffed rice.

A Setting that Really Distinguishes La Table du Castellet

What really sets La Table du Castellet apart is its setting. The establishment offers a sleek and contemporary decor, mixing slate and wood, with elegant tables in rounded shapes and carpeting that creates a cozy atmosphere. The centerpiece is a glass roof open to a park of umbrella pines, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature. All this is magnified by an imposing canvas by Martin Berger, “The Abysses of the Mediterranean,” which adorns a wall of the restaurant.

Vary Culinary Pleasures

And if you’re looking to vary culinary pleasures, the Hotel & Spa du Castellet also houses two other restaurants: the Bistrot San Felice, specializing in braised cooking, and L’Éphémère, which offers street food cuisine for lunch and shareable dishes with international influences for dinner.

Celebrating your wedding at La Table du Castellet means offering your guests an unforgettable gastronomic experience, in an elegant and refined setting. It’s the assurance of creating unforgettable memories, captured by photos that will reflect the beauty of the place and the exceptional quality of the cuisine.

La table du castellet website

Mariage à saint raphael

Les Petites Maisons – Hameau des Baux: A Nuptial Celebration in a Provençal Setting

Julie Chaix, a Starred Chef at the Helm

In the heart of the Alpilles, the Hameau des Baux houses two restaurants led by the talented Julie Chaix. This chef, who trained in renowned establishments such as the Maison PIC*** in Valence, the Louis XV***, the Grill*, La Bastide de Moustiers*, and the Benoit bistro in New York, has chosen to return to the South to develop a gourmet, sustainable, and local cuisine.

Southern Cuisine, Gourmet and Sustainable

The first restaurant, Allegria, is a bistro where the chef highlights local products. She sources in short circuits from organic market gardeners in St Remy, lamb from Sisteron, or fishermen from the Camargue. The menu, developed according to the market of the day, is available at any time of the day.

La Petite Guinguette, the second table, is located in the heart of the Provençal hamlet, near the fountain. In the shade of the plane trees, facing the chapel, you can enjoy fine and fresh terroir cuisine: watermelon feta salad, homemade pissaladière, raw artichokes in salad with parmesan, whole baked dorade caught in Grau-du-Roi, braised octopus with its barbecued potatoes… For dessert, local artisan ice creams refresh the palate.

An Authentic Provençal Setting for Your Wedding

Imagine celebrating your wedding in this idyllic setting. The Hameau des Baux is a true Provencal village lost amidst olive fields and serenaded by the singing of cicadas. You’ll stroll through the hamlet that seems straight out of a Marcel Pagnol novel, relax on loungers under the almond trees or in the enclosed garden.

Celebrating your wedding at Les Petites Maisons – Hameau des Baux is the perfect opportunity to create unforgettable memories, captured by photos taken by a seasoned professional, which will reflect the beauty of the place and the exceptional quality of the cuisine… and your wedding!

Les petites maisons website

AM by Alexandre Mazzia: Celebrate Your Wedding at the Pinnacle of Marseillaise Gastronomy

Alexandre Mazzia, the Starred Chef Who Vibrates Marseille

Alexandre Mazzia is not just a chef. He’s a virtuoso of cuisine, a culinary artist who has redefined the art of gastronomy in Marseille. Recently crowned with a third Michelin star in 2021, he was also named Chef of the Year in 2019 and received 5 toques in 2020 by Gault & Millau. Born in Congo, this tireless traveler translates his love for the marine universe into every dish he creates, offering unique and often memorable combinations.

A Bold Cuisine that Takes the Palate on a Journey

The cuisine at AM by Alexandre Mazzia is a spectacle for the senses. The Grand Voyage menu is a true culinary feat where cooking, textures, and temperatures balance perfectly between the iodized and the vegetable. Among the signature dishes, you’ll find a surprising “Vegetable Biscotte” with flowers and raspberry harissa condiment, chocolate and smoked eel, trout and wild salmon eggs marinated in sake and smoked milk. A delight for even the most seasoned gastronomes.

A Minimalist and Elegant Setting for an Unforgettable Wedding

Located in the charming Prado district, AM restaurant offers a minimalist setting that plays on the purity of materials. Raw concrete, wood sculptures, a centuries-old oak counter, parquet flooring, leather armchairs… Each element has been carefully chosen to create an atmosphere that is both modern and timeless.

Why Choose AM by Alexandre Mazzia for Your Wedding?

  • A Michelin triple-starred chef at the helm
  • Bold and inventive cuisine
  • A minimalist and elegant setting
  • An unforgettable culinary experience for your guests

AM By Alexandre website

Mariage à Cassis

La Villa Madie, A Gastronomic and Scenic Wedding on the French Riviera

Chef Dimitri Droisneau, a Master of Provençal Gastronomy

Dimitri Droisneau is not just a chef; he’s an icon of Provençal gastronomy. This Norman trained in the most prestigious Parisian restaurants (La Tour d’Argent, Le Bristol, Lucas Carton, L’Ambroisie…) refining his art to achieve unparalleled culinary finesse. He eventually succumbed to the charm of the South, where he found a new muse for his cuisine. The delights of Provence are now at the heart of his creations, offering an unforgettable culinary experience.

The Cuisine: An Ode to the Sea and Provence

The menu at La Villa Madie is a vibrant tribute to the sea and Provence. With a carefully curated and seasonal selection, each dish promises an extraordinary gastronomic adventure. Seafood, such as tuna, John Dory, and crustaceans, are the undisputed stars of this local cuisine. Every bite is a revelation, whether it’s the country sardine, red mullet, or carabineros shrimp served in a tartlet with red fruits of the moment.

The Setting: A Breathtaking Mediterranean Spectacle

La Villa Madie is more than a restaurant; it’s a window onto the Mediterranean blue. Nestled facing Cap Canaille, the restaurant offers a majestic panorama that almost eclipses the beauty of Chef’s plates. The terrace overlooks a breathtaking view, where the maritime landscape perfectly complements the culinary experience offered.

Why Choose La Villa Madie for Your Wedding?

  • A triple-starred chef at the helm
  • Refined and seasonal Provençal cuisine
  • An unbeatable view of the Mediterranean
  • An unparalleled culinary and visual experience for your guests

La villa madie website

A Luxury Wedding in Saint-Tropez: La Vague d’Or, a True Culinary Gem

Arnaud Donckele, the Artisan of French Gastronomy

Arnaud Donckele, the grandson of farmers and son of butchers, has climbed the ranks to reach the summit of French gastronomy. Triple-starred by Michelin, with 5 toques and the title of Chef of the Year 2020 by Gault & Millau, he leads La Vague d’Or, the emblematic restaurant of the ultra-luxurious Cheval Blanc Saint-Tropez hotel.

A Gastronomic Journey Through the Mediterranean

The cuisine of La Vague d’Or is a bucolic expedition across the Mediterranean. Every dish created by Arnaud Donckele is a celebration of the richness of Provençal gastronomy. His daring land-sea combinations, such as the rabbit loin rolled in country bacon “Façon Claudette” with blue lobster, are a hallmark of his cuisine.

A Dreamy Venue for an Unforgettable Wedding

It’s not just the cuisine that makes La Vague d’Or an exceptional place to celebrate a wedding. The bright and uncluttered interior, designed by the renowned interior architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, offers a sophisticated setting for your big day. Outside, a magnificent terrace allows for dining under parasol pines while admiring the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Highlights of La Vague d’Or for Your Wedding:

  • High-level gastronomy led by a triple-starred chef
  • Luxurious setting with a stunning view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez
  • Impeccable service in an ultra-luxurious hotel

La vague d’or website

La Voile in Ramatuelle: A Gastronomic Wedding in the Heart of the Mediterranean Nature

Éric Canino, the Apostle of Healthy and Natural Cuisine

A disciple of the great Michel Guérard, Chef Éric Canino is recognized as a pioneer of healthy and natural cuisine. Double-starred, he perfectly embodies the “simple” luxury spirit characterizing La Réserve Ramatuelle, the contemporary palace of the Saint-Tropez peninsula. With admirable discretion, this culinary maestro has reinvigorated a cuisine often perceived as bland and uninspiring.

A Cuisine Celebrating Provence

Éric Canino’s cuisine is an ode to Provence. He offers dishes that showcase Provençal terroir products with aerial grace. Fish, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, and aromatic herbs are picked directly from the garden of La Réserve’s vast estate. The “All Vegetables” menu is a must-try experience, where vegetables are showcased from starter to dessert.

A Sublime Setting for an Unforgettable Celebration

La Voile provides a magnificent setting for your wedding. Imagine yourself on a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, with sails lifting in the breeze. Inside, you’ll be welcomed by immaculate seating, sober hues, and large bay windows offering one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean coast.

Why Choose La Voile for Your Wedding?

  • Healthy and natural cuisine led by a double-starred chef
  • An exceptional setting with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Impeccable service in a contemporary palace

La voile website

Montreux wedding

The Unmatched Charm of Villa Archange for a Memorable Wedding

If you are looking for the ideal place to celebrate your wedding on the French Riviera, look no further than Villa Archange. This starred restaurant, located in the Cannes hinterland, is a hidden gem offering an exquisite culinary experience and an enchanting setting for your ceremony.

Refined Cuisine by Bruno Oger

Villa Archange is led by Chef Bruno Oger, who trained at the Oriental in Bangkok and with triple-starred Chef Georges Blanc before settling on the French Riviera. Despite his status as the official chef for the most beautiful official dinners of the Cannes Film Festival, Bruno Oger remains humble and dedicated to his cuisine. His culinary signature? The prodigious crossover of the French Riviera and his native Brittany.

  • Juicy abalones from the island of Groix, pan-fried with artichokes
  • Gillardeau oysters accompanied by Petrossian caviar
  • Amberjack with peppermint
  • A perfectly cooked rib and sweetbreads of veal, topped with a stunning cooking juice with condiments

These exquisite dishes reflect Bruno Oger’s commitment to high-flying gastronomy that will delight your guests during your wedding.

An Elegant and Charming Setting

Villa Archange is not only famous for its cuisine. The restaurant is nestled in an 18th-century bastide resembling a private mansion, located a few kilometers from Cannes. Whether you choose to dine inside, where blond parquet, white tablecloths, and flea market furniture create an elegant and refined atmosphere, or on the terrace under a majestic century-old tree, you will be immersed in a chic and welcoming setting.

La villa Archange website

A Royal Wedding at the Restaurant des Rois, Beaulieu-sur-Mer

When talking about weddings on the French Riviera, one immediately thinks of glamour, luxury, and gastronomy. And what better way to celebrate this special day than a starred restaurant offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean? The Restaurant des Rois in Beaulieu-sur-Mer perfectly meets these criteria.

The Culinary Magic of Chef Julien Roucheteau

The Restaurant des Rois is led by Chef Julien Roucheteau, who settled in this luxurious 5-star establishment in September 2019. After illuminating two Michelin stars at the Hôtel Lancaster’s restaurant in Paris, he quickly ascended to the upper echelons of the Riviera’s culinary scene.

Julien Roucheteau’s cuisine is masterfully crafted and offers some culinary brilliance. Among the emblematic dishes, you will find:

  • A raw beef fillet “iodized,” marinated in algae and accompanied by cockles with caviar.
  • Yellowtail fished off Cap-Ferrat, served with astonishing “chou-violis” (a combination of cabbage and violets).

Each dish is a unique taste experience, a subtle marriage of flavors and textures that will delight your guests.

A Breathtaking Setting for an Unforgettable Wedding

But the Restaurant des Rois stands out not only for its cuisine. The establishment also offers a grand setting for your ceremony. The decor, designed by interior architect Richard Martinet, is a true tribute to the palace style. High ceilings, crystal chandeliers, white tablecloths, and large windows offer a 180° view of the Mediterranean.

The restaurant’s terrace provides a plunging view over a vast mirror pool. It’s the ideal place for a sunset cocktail, where your guests can admire the view while savoring refined appetizers.

By choosing the Restaurant des Rois for your wedding, you offer your guests a unique experience: Michelin-starred cuisine, a luxurious setting, and an unbeatable view of the Mediterranean. A wedding at this location will undoubtedly be an unforgettable event for everyone involved.

Restaurant des rois website

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