Marriage, an event to mark with a white stone, because it is as symbolic as the love that unites the two beings for life. Relying on the services of a competent wedding photographer, the bride and groom will have no worries because the specialist will be able to immortalize every moment of your day. It is up to each couple to choose the place where they want to celebrate this crucial step and in this case, the couple chose to organize their wedding at Saint Tropez. For those who dream of a wedding in a locale that promises both glamour and timeless beauty, a French Riviera wedding photographer becomes an invaluable part of their special day. Capturing the essence of Saint Tropez, from its sun-drenched beaches to its luxurious yachts dotting the harbor, the photographer ensures that each moment is preserved with the elegance and vibrancy that the French Riviera embodies.

La Garde-Freinet is a town in the department of Var located off the Côte d’Azur. Who doesn’t dream of getting married in an exotic location, surrounded by nature? La Garde-Freinet could be described as a beautiful place. During the wedding day, the sun comes to accompany the preparations on both sides of the bride and groom. Each in his own house, because according to tradition: “the groom must not see the bride before the wedding so as not to bring bad luck”. The skies of La Garde-Freinet are clear. Both houses have a garden where there are trees of a beautiful shade of green, there are also flowers that add to the charm of the place. But also not to ignore the large swimming pool located at the edge of the property and offers a beautiful view directly on the green spaces of the surroundings. A green and beautiful setting that the photographer has been able to highlight.

The getting ready

The groom

In a house decorated in a simple, yet chic way, we see a chandelier with candles. On the white painted walls, there is a very pleasant painting to admire.

In one room of the house, we find the groom and his witnesses getting ready. One of the witnesses helps his comrade with his tie while the others take care of theirs. The groom finishes closing the buttons of his shirt, his mother arrives and gives him a hand to finish with the buttons of the sleeve. Then, she will tie her son’s tie under the gaze of one of the groomsmen. Shortly after, the other groomsmen gather around the future groom to finish arranging his outfit, in particular his brother who helps him with the closing of his ivory jacket. Other witnesses put various decorations on the groom’s suit. Next, the groom’s brother helps the other groomsmen with the final details of their suits. For one last time, the mother of the groom carries out a thorough check of her son’s outfit.

Outside the house, the future groom poses in front of the photographer, seated and surrounded by his groomsmen who are up behind him. The shot being in black and white shows the small group of men in their nice suits and all smiling. Shortly after, we see the same four men again posing in front of the camera, on the steps of the staircase adjacent to the garden. This time the colorful photo reflects the colors of the wedding day at La Garde-Freinet.

The bride

The future wife is in a house a little far from that of her future husband. On the veranda, there is furniture with white upholstery and a coffee table, all made of wood. Inside, there is a pretty bouquet of pink and white flowers, in a small silver-colored vase. The walls are also painted in immaculate white and there is a contemporary style painting whose frame is colored in a fairly matt yellow.

In one room, a make-up artist strives to highlight the beauty of the bride, applying lipstick, mascara and many other tricks to embellish her even more. After a final make-up and hairstyle touch-up, the bride and her bridesmaids, who also got ready, are photographed in a bathrobe on a bed and all as happy as they are beautiful. The next moment, we find them on the veranda talking and the bride checking her makeup in a small mirror. Then, when the time comes, a bridesmaid helps the bride put on her pretty white dress with a low neckline. Faced with the amazed eyes of her friends, the bride is very moved. Then, following a photo taken on the veranda holding her bouquet, the bride is her friends leaving for the Notre-Dame de Miremer chapel for the religious ceremony.

The ceremony

During this part of the wedding day at La Garde-Freinet, all the guests meet at the Chapel of Notre Dame de Miremer. The guests arrive gradually, sign the beginning of the ceremony which is organized in the open air. The witnesses arrive followed by the mother on the arm of her son (the groom) and before the future bride makes her entrance, an adorable little girl scatters flower petals on the aisle. Then comes the bride on her mother’s arm. Gathered in front of their guests and after a speech by a bridesmaid, the brides exchange their vows before being declared husband and wife. The guests applaud the newlyweds, congratulate them and throw flower petals at them. All moved, the bride and her husband put themselves in front of the camera for a small photo shoot. The photos taken show them smiling, happy taking each other by the hand. On a snapshot taken, the young wife admires her husband then after they take advantage of the landscape of Saint-Tropez.

The reception

Barely arrived at the place of the party (in a garden, under a large tree), the mother of the bride takes her daughter in her arms, just as the other guests kiss the couple. The cocktail is served and a group of musicians takes care of the entertainment. Following the speech of a friend of the bride, they take each other in their arms for a big hug. The newlyweds share photos with their own witnesses, first each on their own and then all together.

The decor is quite simple, but very pretty: each table is covered with a linen printed with plant decorations, the glasses are green in color and the buffet is available to everyone. At nightfall, my newlyweds attend the witness show. And to end the evening, the party is in full swing: the singers and the DJ liven up the festivities, the dance floor is filled with all the guests.

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