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Located in southeastern France, Provence is famous for its varied landscapes, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Alps, and its ideal Mediterranean climate. It is a prime location for couples looking to get married in a setting that is both elegant and welcoming. This region offers a wide choice of reception venues, from peaceful vineyards to majestic châteaux perched on hills, as well as historic Provençal country houses.

Each venue has its own attractions, whether it’s the typical architecture, lush gardens, or panoramic views that perfectly frame such a special event as a wedding. Moreover, these sites often combine local charm with modern services, ensuring that all the couple’s requirements are met.

In this article, we will review the options available in Provence, looking at what each venue has to offer in terms of ambiance, capacity, and other essential criteria. Whether you are looking for an intimate ceremony or a large reception, you will find valuable information here to help you choose the perfect setting to begin your life together.

Abbaye de Sainte Croix

The Abbey of Sainte Croix, located on the heights of Provence, offers a unique wedding setting imbued with history and serenity. This former 12th-century monastery, carefully renovated to combine modern comfort with historical character, stands majestically amid an exceptional natural landscape, offering panoramic views of the Durance Valley and the surrounding hills. With its ancient stones and meticulously maintained gardens, the abbey creates an atmosphere of tranquility and elegance, ideal for couples looking for a wedding venue that is both spectacular and steeped in history.

The Abbey of Sainte Croix has several spaces suitable for different types of celebrations. The vast terraces provide an open area for outdoor receptions, while the vaulted halls inside the abbey are perfect for more intimate dinners or ceremonies in case of bad weather. Each space can be customized to suit the couple’s preferences, ensuring a celebration that reflects their unique vision. The establishment also offers luxurious accommodation options with comfortable and elegantly decorated rooms, allowing guests to rest in the peaceful surroundings of the abbey. The venue’s cuisine, focused on Provençal specialties and local ingredients, completes the experience by offering exquisite meals that delight the palate. The Abbey of Sainte Croix, with its historical setting, impeccable services, and inspiring landscape, is truly an exceptional wedding venue in Provence.

les Meilleurs Lieux de Réception de Mariage en Provence
les Meilleurs Lieux de Réception de Mariage en Provence

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Mas des Costes

Located in the picturesque setting of Provence, Le Mas des Costes is a wedding venue that elegantly combines tradition and modernity, making it the perfect place for an unforgettable wedding. This typically Provençal farmhouse stands out with its charming architecture featuring stone walls and exposed beams, offering an authentic and warm setting. The estate’s gardens extend over several hectares, adorned with lavender, olive trees, and vines, creating a naturally beautiful setting for outdoor ceremonies and photo sessions.

Le Mas des Costes is particularly appreciated for its ability to customize each event according to the desires of the couple. The estate includes a large reception hall that can accommodate up to 200 guests, equipped with all modern amenities for optimal comfort. In addition to the main hall, several smaller spaces are available for more intimate arrangements or specific activities like the cocktail hour, rehearsal dinner, or a brunch the day after the wedding. For accommodation, the farmhouse offers several luxuriously appointed rooms and suites, allowing guests to stay on site. The catering service of the farmhouse, known for its cuisine prepared with local products, offers a refined culinary experience that can be adapted to dietary preferences of everyone, ensuring that all aspects of the wedding are managed with care and professionalism.

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Château de Barrenques

Château de Barrenques, nestled in the heart of Provence, is a wedding venue that exudes elegance and romance. This historic château, surrounded by a lush park and bordered by a tranquil river, offers a spectacular setting for a wedding. With its imposing facade and characteristic towers, Château de Barrenques captures the essence of a bygone era, while providing the necessary amenities for a modern event. The extensive gardens of the château, dotted with old trees and colorful flower beds, are ideal for outdoor ceremonies and can accommodate large assemblies under starry skies.

For the reception, the château offers several grandiose rooms, each adorned with period architectural details like high ceilings, marble fireplaces, and ornate mirrors, creating an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication. Château de Barrenques can comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests in its reception halls, and also offers the option to set up tents in its gardens to increase this capacity. Elegant suites and several guest rooms are available to accommodate guests, ensuring comfort and privacy. The château’s catering service, specializing in haute French cuisine, can be tailored to meet specific themes or dietary requirements, ensuring a memorable meal. With its majestic setting and attention to detail, Château de Barrenques promises a breathtaking and exclusive celebration in the heart of the Provençal landscape.

Here I share a wedding I did at Château de Barrenques

Château des 3 fontaines

Château des Trois Fontaines, established amidst the lush vineyards of Provence, offers an idyllic wedding venue combining historic charm and spectacular nature. This château, with its elegant 17th-century architecture, is framed by carefully manicured gardens and majestic fountains that add a touch of serenity and romance to any ceremony. Its outdoor terraces overlook panoramic scenes of the surrounding countryside, offering breathtaking views that delight guests and serve as a beautiful backdrop for wedding photographs.

Inside, Château des Trois Fontaines can accommodate receptions of various sizes, with salons adorned with ancient frescoes and crystal chandeliers that evoke an era of aristocratic splendor. The château offers flexible configurations, capable of hosting intimate groups as well as large assemblies, with a maximum capacity of 300 guests. Modern amenities integrated into each space ensure that festivities run smoothly, whether it’s an elegant banquet or a lively dance party. The château also provides luxurious accommodation options with several classically decorated rooms, allowing guests to retire in total comfort. The château’s catering service, known for its culinary excellence, specializes in traditional Provençal dishes revisited with a modern twist, promising a gastronomic experience that will delight all palates. With its enchanting setting and impeccable service, Château des Trois Fontaines is truly a premier choice for a wedding in Provence, combining history, beauty, and elegance.

Mariage au Château des 3 fontaines

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Mas de la rose

Mas de la Rose, a hidden gem in the Provençal countryside, offers an idyllic setting for weddings. This authentic estate brings together the rustic charm of traditional farmhouses with modern refinement, creating a perfect balance for a nuptial celebration. Surrounded by fields of lavender and ancient olive trees, this venue exudes tranquility and natural beauty, creating a romantic and soothing backdrop for the big day. The extensive outdoor spaces are ideal for outdoor ceremonies, allowing couples to unite under the blue skies of Provence, while the flowered gardens and tree-lined paths provide a beautiful setting for receptions and banquets.

Mas de la Rose offers various spaces suitable for any type of reception, from the most intimate to large gatherings. With flexible hosting capacity, this venue can comfortably serve varied groups, offering both open spaces for large parties and cozier lounges for smaller gatherings. The mas also has several elegantly furnished rooms, allowing guests to stay on site with all necessary comforts. The estate’s catering service, specializing in Provençal cuisine, uses local products to prepare delicious dishes that add an authentic culinary touch to each event. Mas de la Rose, with its welcoming atmosphere and picturesque setting, guarantees a memorable wedding experience, combining luxury, nature, and tradition in the heart of Provence.

Mariage au Mas de la Rose

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Château de Mazan

Château Mazan in Provence is an exceptional wedding venue that combines history and elegance, offering a unique and intimate experience. The former residence of the Marquis de Sade, this château captivates with its romantic ambiance and historical splendor. Guests are welcomed into ornate lounges, surrounded by vast gardens and facing a classic facade, composing a spectacular setting for a wedding. Choosing Château Mazan for your union ensures a sumptuous backdrop, perfect for creating an unforgettable event and impressing your guests.

Château Mazan stands out not only for its remarkable aesthetics but also for its functionality for nuptial receptions. Equipped with various reception rooms and flexible outdoor spaces, the château can accommodate both small ceremonies and grand celebrations. Its experienced staff, accustomed to managing exceptional events, ensures impeccable organization and top-notch service, allowing the couple to relax and savor every moment of their day. Additionally, located in the heart of Provence, a region renowned for its picturesque landscape, ideal climate, and rich gastronomy, Château Mazan enriches the wedding with a profound cultural and sensory touch, inviting guests to explore local attractions, from vineyards to traditional markets and historical sites.

Domaine du rocher

Domaine du Rocher, located in the beautiful region of Provence, is an exceptional wedding venue that combines rustic elegance and natural charm. This vast estate is characterized by its stretches of vineyards and its typically Provençal landscape, offering a spectacular setting for a bucolic and chic wedding. The architecture of the estate blends traditional stone elements with modern fittings, creating a perfect harmony for an elegant and comfortable celebration. The outdoor spaces, with their stunning views of the surrounding hills and green fields, are ideal for outdoor ceremonies and receptions under the stars, providing an unforgettable backdrop for the festivities.

Inside, Domaine du Rocher offers several adaptable reception rooms that can be personalized according to the specific needs of the couple. Each space is equipped to accommodate groups of various sizes, ensuring that every wedding, whether intimate or grand, is perfectly suited to the desired ambiance. The estate also offers on-site accommodation options with several carefully decorated rooms, allowing guests to fully enjoy the celebration without worrying about transportation. The estate’s cuisine, focused on local and seasonal products, promises a rich and tasty culinary experience, reflecting the authentic flavors of Provence. With its enchanting setting and impeccable service, Domaine du Rocher is a preferred choice for those seeking a wedding that combines natural beauty and sophistication in Provence.

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Mas de Chabran

Mas de Chabran, located in the enchanting setting of Provence, presents itself as an ideal venue for weddings that combine rusticity and elegance. This authentic farmhouse, bathed in the typical Provençal landscapes with vineyards and olive trees stretching as far as the eye can see, offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for couples desiring an intimate and picturesque wedding. The stone structure of the mas, with its vaults and open spaces, gives a special character to the festivities, while the surrounding gardens and terraces offer sublime views of the surrounding countryside, ideal for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

At Mas de Chabran, every detail is considered to provide optimal comfort while preserving the unique character of the venue. The estate offers different configurations for receptions, accommodating both small groups and large assemblies, thanks to its modular spaces. In addition, the mas has several on-site accommodation options, allowing guests to relax and fully enjoy the celebration without worrying about travel. The estate’s gastronomy highlights regional products, with a catering service that adapts its menus to reflect local flavors, ensuring an authentic and memorable culinary experience. Mas de Chabran, with its idyllic setting, charming architecture, and warm welcome, is undoubtedly an exceptional wedding venue in Provence, promising an unforgettable day for all guests.


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Château grand boise

Château Grand Boise, an exceptional estate in Provence, offers a spectacular setting for weddings, combining natural beauty and architectural refinement. Located on the heights, this historic château offers a panoramic view of the surrounding vineyards and forests, creating a peaceful and majestic environment for a wedding. The architecture of the château, with its ancient stones and classic details, reflects Provençal charm, while modern renovations ensure comfort and elegance.

The facilities of Château Grand Boise are perfectly suited to host events of any scale. The outdoor terraces and well-maintained gardens provide idyllic venues for outdoor ceremonies and sunset cocktails. For receptions, the château has several rooms that can be arranged according to the specific needs of each wedding, creating welcoming spaces for a dinner, a dance, or an intimate family gathering. In addition to event spaces, the château offers luxury accommodation for guests, with elegantly decorated rooms that combine the charm of yesteryear with modern comfort.

Château Grand Boise also excels in its culinary offerings, with an in-house catering service specialized in local cuisine, using fresh ingredients from the surrounding area. The menus are customizable, offering a palette of flavors that celebrate the culinary richness of Provence. The experience is completed by an exquisite selection of wines produced on the estate, perfect to accompany each dish. With its unique ambiance, stunning setting, and high-quality services, Château Grand Boise is truly a premier choice for an unforgettable wedding in Provence.

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Château Beauregard

Château Beauregard, located in the heart of Provence, is a wedding venue rich in history and natural beauty. This magnificent château, surrounded by manicured gardens and a lush forest, offers a romantic and elegant setting to celebrate the big day. With its imposing facade and sumptuously decorated interiors, Château Beauregard combines luxury and tradition, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere for a memorable union. Whether for an outdoor ceremony in its vast gardens or a banquet in its grandiose halls, this venue offers exceptional flexibility to customize every aspect of the celebration.

At Château Beauregard, the couple and their guests can enjoy a full range of services designed to facilitate a stress-free and fully personalized experience. The château offers several reception rooms, each with its own character, from ornate ceilings to picturesque views of the estate, capable of accommodating groups of all sizes. Additionally, the château has elegant rooms available for guest accommodation, allowing them to fully immerse in the joy and splendor of the event. The on-site cuisine, featuring local and seasonal dishes, is prepared by talented chefs who adapt their menus to satisfy all culinary preferences. Château Beauregard, with its idyllic setting, impressive architecture, and commitment to excellence, is undoubtedly a preferred choice for a distinguished wedding in Provence.

les Meilleurs Lieux de Réception de Mariage en Provence
les Meilleurs Lieux de Réception de Mariage en Provence

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