Since my childhood, I have always been intrigued by moths. Live so little, the time of a blink of an eye, a single night; fatality of the ephemeral. But what are they going to do in such a short time, in the darkness of a city besieged by beauty and whose architectural aesthetics are constantly imbued with tragedy and poetry? What can these creatures dream of? How can you take full advantage of the little time that life gives them?

Paris is a city with a thousand luminous facets at night. Moreover, it is no coincidence that it is called the City of Light. However, few nocturnal photos of Parisian streets are taken. The place vendome, the subway, Place de la concorde… The reason ? Go and find out why, when so much charm and so much beauty circulate there.

In this series of photos, I marry chiaroscuro to capture it in images. We pursue from the end of my lens the wanderings of a moth, and whose journey, which at first glance seems random, probably makes sense: perhaps the quest for a truth about its brief existence?

It is also an opportunity for me to pay tribute to this city where I was born and where I had a lot of fun growing up. After 40 years of accumulated memories in Paris, years that passed as quickly as the life of a butterfly, I left this dreamlike space for the south of France. This moth, finally, is also a little bit me.

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Dress : Harpe Paris