Couple session for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day–the day to share your love with the world. On this beautiful occasion, a feast for lovers, I had the immense privilege of being able to take a photo shoot in some of the most romantic places in the French capital, renowned moreover for being the city of the love. Whether in the courtyard of the Palais-Royal, near the Louvre or on the banks of the Seine, the good weather made a magical day even better by providing beautiful lighting for the photographs.

A Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot in the City of Love

Of course, such a photo shoot cannot be done without a couple of lovers. I could not have asked for a better couple than this. They totally represent the spirit of Valentine’s Day. For those who would have recognized her, this is Charlotte, whom you may know as the influencer of the blog Secrets De Parisiennes, accompanied by her lover. They are both lovely people and I am very happy to have met them.

This holiday for lovers is always celebrated in February, when hints begin to come that spring is soon to arrive. This young man and woman represent the love and the freshness that this holiday brings to mind.

It was a real pleasure for me to take this Parisian stroll with this young, romantic couple. We had a great time of sharing and emotion, which can be seen in the photographs. Their sweet, secret glances and easygoing smiles were beautiful amidst all of the majestic backdrops that Paris provided.

Young Love in Historic Paris

Leaning against strong, towering pillars the couple exchanged smiling, secret whispers. Bending towards one another they embrace. A bit further along, they paused again, striking beautiful and classic poses in front of the iron fencing. No gates could keep these lovers apart.

Her face as he is leading her down a pathway is pure love and confidence. The stunning lighting and iconic architecture of the Paris streets made for photos that will withstand the test of time.

Standing back to back, the couple is all smiles, holding hands and basking in the beautiful Parisian weather and sites. Up close, or far away, their love is clear to anyone viewing these stunning photos.

The striking lines of the Louvre contrasted with the tender, organic hug that the couple shared. The glass made for a stunning, transparent backdrop for this couple that so clearly showed their affection for one another.

Beautiful tiles below their feet and stunning arches soared high above the couple’s head as they strolled, hand in hand. The contrast of these stone and tile settings with the charming and organic couple that is so obviously in love. In the spur of the moment, Charlotte was lifted up by her beloved, and I was able to capture the unbridled sweetness and fun of their relationship. Her natural laugh lit up her face in only the way that love can. A photographer can not create these moments, he is simply happy to be there to capture them when they arrive.

The Seine provided a watery scene that instantly brings to mind images of young lovers. He tucked her into his side as they strolled upon the cobblestones. Her hand never left his. They shared a passionate kiss and more than one look that revealed their love for each other.

To capture such love and beauty in the City of Love on Valentine’s day was an honor that I will not soon forget. I feel incredibly lucky to have been witness to this couple and this city in such a stunning display.